Masters in France and new film Powder

Slow and steady wins the race.

Friday night – the Garage, Islington for the uncategorizable Masters in France from Wales. With all the right ingredients – it is difficult to put this five piece into a specific box.. having seen a few perfectly packaged bands recently who are adamant of what genre they fit in to – maybe it’s about time a new sound was found. I’m not saying Masters in France have found it – but they seem to be definitely avoiding the danger of being boxed in. This is a band whilst not quite there yet – will be interesting to watch evolve. They have the looks, they have the talent and they have the girls hanging out by the side of the stage. They’ve definitely got something… after witnessing the carefully sculpted ‘Other Lives’ on Wednesday I’m really interested in the direction Masters in France might take. Raw and energetic. Things can only grow bigger for this band as long as they keep their eye on the end goal…

FILM RECOMMENDATION: This Thursday is the Q+A for the film Powder – an adaptation of the book by Kevin Sampson at Clapham Picture House. With some varied responses to the film – I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Apparently the soundtrack is amazing and James Walsh (Starsailor) will be doing an acoustic set. Sounds pretty special!


Memory lane.
The content idea of this film has invoked some memories of my own. Reading Festival maybe five years ago now.. Arctic Monkeys were at their height and I had won some weekend press passes in a competition. Hanging out in the press area me and my friends had decided to try and get backstage. After a bit of brotherly chatting to the security men from our male mate we found ourselves through to the backstage area. Usually a no go area for non artists – or non artist related people. A security man had left his bright red security jacket hanging on the railing. So my male friend put it on and us girls pretended we were the girlfriends of the band. And up the side of the stage we went. And there we stood taking in what it might feel like to be Alex Turner for all of ten minutes. In this time my friend was so drunk she’d disappeared behind a curtain with some boy she was snogging at the time where she stayed for the whole of the Arctic Monkeys set (idiot) whilst me and the ‘pretend’ security guard were caught and had our passes cut off. I remember the ‘real’ security guard saying ‘I suppose you think that was funny do you’ And oh. But it was. It really was. And that’s what I enjoy about music. It really is at the end of the day all about the personal journey.

More details:

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M83 Midnight City (Big Black Delta Remix) and VanGuard remix

Cute eyebrows.. reminds me of the No Doubt Gwen Stefani style in good ole… 1995

You’ve by now, most probably heard the M83 Midnight City tune right? Now it’s time to remix that ferschiz up – check out the first official remix from Big Black Delta (Venezuelan-born Jonathan Bates, formerly of the Los Angeles band Mellowdrone) – it’s got some funky jazz kinda thing going on.

Also the fella’s I met on a ferry whilst with Chilly Gonzales – VanGuard have remixed this – which I’m very keen on it’s entitled ‘The Scientists of Modern Music – Because If I Die’ (Vanguard Remix). I like it and because I like it you should like it too.

Happy Friday kids and remember if you can’t be good.. be safe.

Web links:


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REVIEW: Other Lives perform at Hoxton Bar and Grill

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Supported by the extremely talented but painfully shy Daughter; Other Lives (a five piece band from Oklahoma) sport a set armed with an over indulgent array of instruments from clarinet to trumpet. Taking on the role of ‘musicians’ rather than ‘performers’ a smile rarely escapes as deep concentration is presented on stage. Frontman Jesse Tabish has an endearingly awkward presence that confuses – where stylish meets moody the few words he does utter leads away from a careful packaging that could easily be misconstrued as egotistical. Journeying away from the bullshit that loses most musicians at first base… Other Lives are extremely talented – and seemingly keen on taking the audience on a magical musical journey. And that is where I ended up going… on an emotional musical journey. And if I’m honest most bands can fail to evoke that emotional side.

But Other Lives know what music is all about.

Your last chance to catch them in England is at End of the Road Festival..and I definitely urge you to check them out.

Browse more here:

Photos by Stephanie Foster

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NEW VIDEO: Ben Howard ‘Keep Your Head Up’

One of my favourite artists right now…

Ben Howard – check out the video by Directors: Mickey Smith & Owen Tozer for his new single ‘Keep Your Head Up’ which is due for release in September…

Beautiful video beautiful lyrics. Ben’s debut album is due for release on the 3rd October.


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Atmospheres courtesy of BITE Magazine

Just discovered a cool online magazine called BITE Magazine on (great for discovering online magazines). They have posted a nice relaxing mix to help with winding down and ‘reawakening one’s inner strength’ as they put it. I have a cold so I’m grateful.. thanks BITE!

Chill out here:

Peace out
Becki Bx

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Bombay Bicycle Club perform Shuffle


“A Different Kind of Fix” will be released through Island Records on 29th August. The album’s first single ‘Shuffle’ is currently available on iTunes.

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