Chilly Gonzales and Marawa the Amazing down at IOW Festival 2011

#TigerBloodIntern Charlie Sheen Intern Submission

Moby and Deadmau5 in Malta Vodafone Sponsored Viral

지산 락 페스티벌 Jisan Rock Festival South Korea feat Diane Birch

Pentaport Rock Festival South Korea featuring Hoobastank

Usher in New York – Vodafone Prize

…and as some of you may or may not know…. Scroobius Pip has been a a loyal participant in the OhDearyMe blag blog over the past few years. After telling me he voted for me to win the Vodafone competition I said (in a Good Fella’s kinda way)...Ok Scrooby Doo… so what do I owe you?…Well actually. I emailed it.. but just imagine the scene ok?!

His response was thus…

(the light is low.. Scroobius Pip leans into camera and talks in a low husky voice)

‘Right…. the cafe i was talking about is Katz’s deli.

Its where that orgasm scene from “When harry met sally” was filmed.

They also have pics of famous people all over the walls when they were in there!

My challenge to you is to sneak a pic of me onto the wall!

You would have to arrive with a small, framed picture though.

And maybe some blue tac’

(key Good Fella’s voice)

I learnt two worrying things about Scroobius Pip this day. …. 1) Scroobius Pip has watched the film When Harry Met Sally… 2)… He knows more about that deli than anyone should ever know… about a deli. But a cast vote is a cast vote. And a girl(man? does that help you keep the tone) has to do what a girl (man) has to do.

This was the resulting video:

Global Gathering 2007 featuring David Guetta

Bestival Blag Blog featuring Seasick Steve

Berlin May Day


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