Love this new track ‘We Love Electronic’ from Olaf Hund’s EP titled ‘Music is Dead’ due for release on October the 3rd. Why do I like it you ask? Well for one the simple lyrics make it…well…easy to sing along to. Secondly it is a pretty good representation of what’s going on around us. Let’s face it – We Love Electronics don’t we people? From the early days of commodore 64 right up to chip tune music. But there was a time when it was totally uncool to have a mobile phone.

It wasn’t until they started getting smaller that people started to cotton on. So has Olaf Hund found the lyrics to quite possibly one of the only things that won’t go out of fashion? In 2025…maybe we’ll still be singing it…as a society we’ll be so obsessed with electronic goods that we’ll all be living in a new matrix called (insert sound effects here please) FaceLand (I know and you’d think with such a crap name like FaceLand we’d be wiser to it all by then)

But enough of this scaremongering! Enjoy the music…but beware of it’s hypnotizing effects…check out the video directed by Laurent Hart:

And here…more Olaf Hund (and my personal favourite) ‘I Wanna Be Your Ice Cream’

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