NU WORLD ELECTRO: Mo Laudi ‘The Slaves Meditation’

Today I have some ‘Nu World Electro’ from Mo Laudi – a DJ/MC from South Africa, Polokwane. You may have heard his name from his part in The Very Best/Radioclit or from his work as a globetrotting DJ/MC. A man of many talents (he also had a part in shooting and directing the below video along with Hannah Newbery) his new track is a funky rythmic piece that I am told takes inspiration from ancient Haitian voodoo ceremonies. Check out the video and interview here:

Can you tell me more about the influence from the ancient Haitian voodoo ceremonies?
I was doing a show at the Musee Quai Branly, Paris, France where they had invited DJs to go through their archives for the first time. The idea was to mix a set with music from the archives, which predates to some of the first ever music recordings from around the world. They had some rare exclusive stuff like Venda rain ceremony music and voodoo music from Haiti. I was blown away. Somehow I found a connection with all of it. It reminded me of Music Reunion, Maloya. In those days people were slaves. They would gather in a room, dance and sing until they were in a trance. They would elevate from their physical restrictions. It made me think of South Africa how music was used to mobilize people and fight apartheid. I am inspired at how people find freedom and are able to elevate themselves through the power of music.

Are you still working with radioclit?
Radioclit is on a break at the moment. Etienne Tron Just opened a bar in Paris called Comptoir General and we’re doing a Secousse residency at Divan Du Monde, Paris, every week. Johan Hugo is producing loads. I also have a new production alter ego called ‘We Don’t Belong in Pacha’ and am also producing ‘The Very Best with Esau’, we’re going to be DJing soon together. Can’t wait to be on tour again.

Is this the first of many new tracks? An album perhaps?
Yeah It’s the first of the avalanche of hypnotic sonic portraits I’m working on. An album is eventually on the way. I have been working on it forever now. I’m going to be featured in The New Very Best Album which is a compilation by parisian DJ – Lazy Flow in collaboration with Swiss producer Blomstre. Watch out for an EP soon!

What is Nu World Electro – is that a term you have coined?
Yes! I did not know how to describe it, It’s a cross pollination of sounds from across the world, African, Latin, European, Occidental. It’s music of a new world where genres bend and blend, where it does not matter who you are or where you are from. I have always been interested in different music from around the world especially club music from the ghettos. It is an appropriation of electro by people dancing to tropical music. Of world music by a new generation of electro producers…a whole cycle of music influencing each other. Nu World Electro is a reflection of the times we live in I guess.

Are you still living in Paris? How is that?
Paris is Hyphy! (cool, new slang I learned). Some people say the French are not that nice but personally I’ve found them to be great. I’m learning to speak French still but I can manage to get by without it. Every party I go to there is always someone who wants to practice their English on me. I would love to start painting again… to be like the impressionists and paint nudes or maybe just flowers, there are great galleries, exhibitions all the time.. everyday it feels like I’m on holiday!

Is the electronica of Paris influencing your music and have you managed to bump heads with Daft Punk yet?
I might have but I don’t know what they look like, which is good, otherwise, I’d be like yooooo!!! I love your stuff! I keep bumping into Pedro Winter and Justice at parties – cool dudes. I’ve just done my first song where I sing in French. Being in Paris influences my music. I like to be influenced by everything around me. And I like to influence everything around me.




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