REVIEW: Other Lives perform at Hoxton Bar and Grill

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Supported by the extremely talented but painfully shy Daughter; Other Lives (a five piece band from Oklahoma) sport a set armed with an over indulgent array of instruments from clarinet to trumpet. Taking on the role of ‘musicians’ rather than ‘performers’ a smile rarely escapes as deep concentration is presented on stage. Frontman Jesse Tabish has an endearingly awkward presence that confuses – where stylish meets moody the few words he does utter leads away from a careful packaging that could easily be misconstrued as egotistical. Journeying away from the bullshit that loses most musicians at first base… Other Lives are extremely talented – and seemingly keen on taking the audience on a magical musical journey. And that is where I ended up going… on an emotional musical journey. And if I’m honest most bands can fail to evoke that emotional side.

But Other Lives know what music is all about.

Your last chance to catch them in England is at End of the Road Festival..and I definitely urge you to check them out.

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Photos by Stephanie Foster


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