Matt and Kim: Cameras vs The Joy of Teen Sex

If you saw CH4’s ‘The Joy of Teen Sex‘ this week you could argue that the below video is not really very daring at all.. and that really if Matt and Kim had wanted to ‘tease’ us they could have done a whole lot better and put some jewelled vagina’s in there or… something.

But it is nice isn’t it.. to leave some stuff to the imagination? I can’t say if I was shocked at ‘The Joy of Teen Sex’ or in awe..maybe even a little jealous.. is this what teens are really up to? The only sex education I had at school was between plants.. now teenagers are getting their parts out on television and being told that if they are worried about losing their virginity to go home and practice with a sex toy of some sorts.. wow.. how things change..

And.. am I the only person that didn’t know you could get bling (jewels) for your.. down below parts? Arguably the content for this show was reaching generation.. after generation.. of (not over the hill) people… and personally I can’t wait for next weeks show!

But kids listen up…. thou should never forget Scroobius Pip’s fine words:

Thou shalt not fall in love so easily.. Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls pants…use it to get into their heads

And so my recommendation of the day on this fine Friday afternoon is New York duo Matt & Kim who’s highly anticipated third full-length effort, ‘Sidewalks’ arrives in the UK this spring:

Listen here!

Becki Bx


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