O2 Wireless Pepsi VIP Experience

Ok so Pepsi sent me and my mateys to O2 Wireless Festival.. for another VIP experience..

I have to say my favourite day was certainly watching the more chilled out bands such as Ben Harper, Counting Crows, The Burning Leaves and The Duke Spirit. Sam Sparro is certainly in my highly rated but unfortunately Underworld was far too packed out to even experience properly – which was such a shame! Still it was a brilliant weekend… at the moment the footage isn’t so great as I am working with no microphone and a low quality camera.. but hey – I hope you enjoy the vlog from the weekend –

It features – Lightspeed Champion, The Duke Spirit, Lo-Fi Culture Scene, The Burning Leaves and Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac..

Becks x


About ohDearyme

Rebecca writes from her room in London
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