Restricted due to some ‘titillating(word of the day) scenes this video is a must watch. The track is Lies by mysterious trio Is Tropical who are producing some interesting work at the moment. It is the third release from their debut album ‘Native To’ on Kitsune…it’s one I shall be enforcing on some of my serial dater girlfriends… check it out here:

Is Tropical Webspace

I’m also enjoying this mix from the talented DJ – Pete Carvell (Bad Life/Gash Digital). Bad Life is a label formed by autoKratz and their friends and the team are currently busy organising the Bad Life 1st Birthday European tour and they may be coming to a city near you soon so keep your eyes peeled. Having witnessed Autokratz perform on Naksan Beach in the deepest darkest wilderness of South Korea and seeing Pete perform in…the concrete jungle most of us know as er London I can assure you that the tour will be definitely be one to watch out for.

CLICK HERE for Pete Carvell DJ MIX
Bad Life Link

I also rather enjoyed this from Swedish electronic act ‘The Sound of Arrows’:

Oh.. don’t you just love it…

Enjoy Becki Bx

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PPS thanks!

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Love this new track ‘We Love Electronic’ from Olaf Hund’s EP titled ‘Music is Dead’ due for release on October the 3rd. Why do I like it you ask? Well for one the simple lyrics make it…well…easy to sing along to. Secondly it is a pretty good representation of what’s going on around us. Let’s face it – We Love Electronics don’t we people? From the early days of commodore 64 right up to chip tune music. But there was a time when it was totally uncool to have a mobile phone.

It wasn’t until they started getting smaller that people started to cotton on. So has Olaf Hund found the lyrics to quite possibly one of the only things that won’t go out of fashion? In 2025…maybe we’ll still be singing it…as a society we’ll be so obsessed with electronic goods that we’ll all be living in a new matrix called (insert sound effects here please) FaceLand (I know and you’d think with such a crap name like FaceLand we’d be wiser to it all by then)

But enough of this scaremongering! Enjoy the music…but beware of it’s hypnotizing effects…check out the video directed by Laurent Hart:

And here…more Olaf Hund (and my personal favourite) ‘I Wanna Be Your Ice Cream’

PS – please don’t forget to vote for ohDearyme in the celebrity category in the Cosmo Blog Awards it would really mean a lot!
Becki Bx

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Bo Ningen (棒人間) play Rough Trade East

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

London based Japanese outfit ‘Bo Ningen’ (棒人間) played Rough Trade East this weekend for a series of gigs put on by Clarks Originals. They are the most energetic band I have.. ever seen.

Check out the interview I did with them here:

Thank you to Angelo Dal Pra for his camera work.

Becki Bx

Bo Ningen Myspace

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VIDEOS: Rizzle Kicks

New tracks from Rizzle Kicks – produced by Fatboy Slim ‘When I was A Youngster’ is a little bit poppy a little bit hip hoppy and I can sense a bit of ska lurking too. With some insightful lyrics… ‘wanted to be a fireman, and I lost the desire man cos when i got old enough (got a bit lost here)– to buy a cider can’ these are perfect end of the summer tunes to ease oneself back into reality. Wise men. Check out the videos from the Bands in Transit crew here:

Rizzle Kicks ‘When I Was A Youngster’

Rizzle Kicks ‘Prophet Bands’

Now off to bed! Or go study… or whatever it was you were avoiding..


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The London Korean Film Festival 2011

This time last year..I was sitting in a flat half way round the world..far too close to Kim Jong Il. Each day I would awake to the sound of a male voice coming over the tannoy.

Speaking in Korean – I had no idea what he was saying. But thankfully (and obviously) it was never anything too important.

I would turn on the TV. And sit..staring blankly as I flicked from Korean game show to Korean game show lost in the barrier called language.

I would then head to the bibimbap shop downstairs where I would eat my breakfast of ramen soup served by the same Korean lady conversing in only Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo 안녕하세요 (hello) and Kamsamnida 감사합니다 (thank you). Every day her gaze would be attached to the Korean drama on the television set and I would sit waiting for her to finish cooking – hypnotized by the visuals. Was this – the Korean version of Coronation Street? Perhaps that is the Korean Pat Butcher? Hmmmm….

That was the problem in Korea – it was hard to make sense of anything. The choice of film at the cinema would be only the recent Hollywood releases – the Korean films for obvious reasons not subtitled – and living in a small town meant getting hold of anything translated into English was impossible (I mean it took me a month for gawds sake to figure out the difference between the pink and blue bin bags wondering why every time I left the apartment the Janitor would run after me in the street when I disposed of them in which I now know to be the wrong place).

And so I am quite excited about the London Korean Film Festival that will be running from the 3rd to the 17th November.

Not only does the festival host the best in Korean film but it also promises a range of subjects – from the North and South divide to light hearted comedies. It includes one of Cannes prize winners Ki Kim Duk’s ‘Arirang’ and a premiere of Arrow The Ultimate Weapon. On the opening night there will be also be a K Pop performance (YES! Korean Pop Stars! In London!) but who it will be is yet to be confirmed… Shinee? Super Junior? Generation Girls? The girls at my old school will be most jealous. But most of all I’m looking forward to being able to understand what’s actually going on instead of making the story up in my head. So…Korea – I welcome you to my world!

Here is the trailer for the film Sunny 써니 a light hearted comedy which will be shown during the festival:

They will… have subtitles right……?

See you there!


More info

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James Walsh and friends talk ‘Powder’

James Walsh(Starsailor) talks to ohDearyme about drugs, fame and his soundtrack for the new film ‘Powder’. Also featuring interviews with upcoming talent – Liam Boyle who plays soul searching Keva – (lead singer of fictional band The Grams) and Jo Woodcock.

Whilst it wasn’t my cup of tea it might however, be yours. With a very strong soundtrack I felt that the storyline let it down. It’s hard to place my finger on the part where it was lost…too many cooks in the kitchen perhaps? Too much of a desire to capture the ‘misunderstood’ youth? I don’t know. But onwards and upwards! And each to their own – you could always watch it yourself and make your own mind up because..after all..we should always remember ‘if you don’t control your mind, someone else will’ John Allston

Links: James Walsh

As a huge Back To the Future fan – Nike have released the ‘future’. And it’s clever advertising has worked on me… apparently Tinie Tempah bought the first pair of the limited edition trainers at a snip – £23,610 and all proceeds are going to the Michael J Fox foundation… I WANT SOME!. Let’s hope they didn’t scrimp on the manufacturing though if you get what I’m saying..

Thanks to Steven Heycock for camera,



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NU WORLD ELECTRO: Mo Laudi ‘The Slaves Meditation’

Today I have some ‘Nu World Electro’ from Mo Laudi – a DJ/MC from South Africa, Polokwane. You may have heard his name from his part in The Very Best/Radioclit or from his work as a globetrotting DJ/MC. A man of many talents (he also had a part in shooting and directing the below video along with Hannah Newbery) his new track is a funky rythmic piece that I am told takes inspiration from ancient Haitian voodoo ceremonies. Check out the video and interview here:

Can you tell me more about the influence from the ancient Haitian voodoo ceremonies?
I was doing a show at the Musee Quai Branly, Paris, France where they had invited DJs to go through their archives for the first time. The idea was to mix a set with music from the archives, which predates to some of the first ever music recordings from around the world. They had some rare exclusive stuff like Venda rain ceremony music and voodoo music from Haiti. I was blown away. Somehow I found a connection with all of it. It reminded me of Music Reunion, Maloya. In those days people were slaves. They would gather in a room, dance and sing until they were in a trance. They would elevate from their physical restrictions. It made me think of South Africa how music was used to mobilize people and fight apartheid. I am inspired at how people find freedom and are able to elevate themselves through the power of music.

Are you still working with radioclit?
Radioclit is on a break at the moment. Etienne Tron Just opened a bar in Paris called Comptoir General and we’re doing a Secousse residency at Divan Du Monde, Paris, every week. Johan Hugo is producing loads. I also have a new production alter ego called ‘We Don’t Belong in Pacha’ and am also producing ‘The Very Best with Esau’, we’re going to be DJing soon together. Can’t wait to be on tour again.

Is this the first of many new tracks? An album perhaps?
Yeah It’s the first of the avalanche of hypnotic sonic portraits I’m working on. An album is eventually on the way. I have been working on it forever now. I’m going to be featured in The New Very Best Album which is a compilation by parisian DJ – Lazy Flow in collaboration with Swiss producer Blomstre. Watch out for an EP soon!

What is Nu World Electro – is that a term you have coined?
Yes! I did not know how to describe it, It’s a cross pollination of sounds from across the world, African, Latin, European, Occidental. It’s music of a new world where genres bend and blend, where it does not matter who you are or where you are from. I have always been interested in different music from around the world especially club music from the ghettos. It is an appropriation of electro by people dancing to tropical music. Of world music by a new generation of electro producers…a whole cycle of music influencing each other. Nu World Electro is a reflection of the times we live in I guess.

Are you still living in Paris? How is that?
Paris is Hyphy! (cool, new slang I learned). Some people say the French are not that nice but personally I’ve found them to be great. I’m learning to speak French still but I can manage to get by without it. Every party I go to there is always someone who wants to practice their English on me. I would love to start painting again… to be like the impressionists and paint nudes or maybe just flowers, there are great galleries, exhibitions all the time.. everyday it feels like I’m on holiday!

Is the electronica of Paris influencing your music and have you managed to bump heads with Daft Punk yet?
I might have but I don’t know what they look like, which is good, otherwise, I’d be like yooooo!!! I love your stuff! I keep bumping into Pedro Winter and Justice at parties – cool dudes. I’ve just done my first song where I sing in French. Being in Paris influences my music. I like to be influenced by everything around me. And I like to influence everything around me.



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